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The first thing Jesus taught when He started His ministry was, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” In other words, you have to change how you think, "because I brought my world with me". The Ark Marketplace team comes alongside other business leaders to experience Jesus’ world right here right now. On Earth as it is in Heaven wasn’t a suggestion, it was Jesus’s reality that he made available to us. The Ark Marketplace team helps business leaders and organizations answer the questions: “What does Heaven look like in my business/organization? And then, “how do I partner with the resources of Heaven for transformation?”


March 30th 2020

When we spoke Saturday I mentioned offhand that we had the funny (but not funny) situation that we had just put our Tennessee property on the market a few hours earlier, at a terrible time.  Given the pandemic we didn’t really expect much interest, but who knows.  When we prayed at the end of our call we were focused more on spiritual and health matters, but you threw in a prayer that the house would not only sell but that it would sell above the ask price with multiple offers.  I thought this was nice but didn’t think much about it.

So here’s what happened: the house had ~20 showings in 2 days and sold above list price with multiple offers!  (It was viewed 850 times on Zillow alone).  I’ve sold 4 properties before this and didn’t have 20 showings combined, nor did any sell this fast.  The agent said he was astonished at the level of interest.

So, thank you for the prayer!  And thank our Father who hears our prayers. Erik

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