April 24th

I just wanted to give you an update. PRAISE GOD! 


This month has been totally miraculous. Both with creative ideas, but also with job opportunities that are going above and beyond what I could have asked for. God is truly my business coach, my accountant, my mentor, my provider, my husband/protector. Also, it makes no sense in the times of this crisis, but I actually have more in my bank account than I've ever had in my life. I had been praying for the opportunity to be generous to others like our community has been to me, and I am so grateful to now do that for others. I'm seeking God more about how to steward my resources well. 


Thank you again for thinking of me - or obeying when the Spirit put me on your mind, and huge thank you to your team who took an hour out of their day to bless me. I took a full day to process everything spoken over me and take it to God, and I know there's still more to glean from it all. That call will forever mark my journey. Thank you. Rachel

February 14th

The Ark Marketplace ministry team came over to pray over my business and it was the most beautiful, confirming experience - not only did I receive freedom personally, all the things I found love and beauty in were confirmed to actually be the calling that had been in my heart for many years as the business I am working to build. The way God worked though the Ark Marketplace ministry was absolutely powerful and so enlightening. Thank you. Christina

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